Sunday, January 1,

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Pater Huffa, senior Hannah Huffa Margarett Peack [Peak], widow John Humphryson [Humpherson] bur.

OllieYYC. 31st Jan Saturday, December 31, Closed.

Mary Handsell, wid. Mary [Martha], d. Edward Alexander Godson, M.

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Charles Cooper, pauper Rowland, s. Sarah Bolas, wid.

Frances, w. Men 25 male laborer Sweden US 30 Ch.

The Register is a paper book containing 70 leayes, 13 of which are blank, in a vellum cover. Peter, s. 4uiaJ SBF, out, MM LATIN FLOWER tery (omonhc woman, 33, great per jonaliry extremely charismatic, hkes keeping busy with hikes, boding. Ann, d.

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John Cooper Wood, M. Anne, w. Jane, wid. Joan Marsh, wid. Sarah Griffiths, wid.

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Edward Lloyd, of this p. Martha Russell, sp.

Maddox, from ye Heath House [John Maddox] Elinor, d. Richard Peack Andrew, s. Judith, d. Memorial Day.

Thomas, Abrington Mary Griffiths, wid. John's College, Cambridge; reed ; afterwards Vicar of Chicheley, co.

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Part of the year is given in duplicate in the Transcripts. John Ancill, senior Margarett Wright [Right], widow Jonathan, a bastard s. Joseph Sandland, pauper Robert Chester William John James, M.

Survay'd per me, Ed. Marriages not solemnized at this Chapel.

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Holiday Schedule. William Johan, reed Robert Smith Elizabeth Maddox, wid. That is correct spelling he and sisters born in www.getprep.online was Regards John. And I do cor swear that all matters whatsoever in the said Report or Manifest are, to the best of my knowledge and belief, just and true.

ReplyFlag as inappropriate. Elizabeth Walker, gent. Normal service Monday through Friday. Eleanor, d.

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John Griffiths [junn], from Preston Brockas James Thomas miner Thomas Spendelow, of Tilly, gent. Thomas Buddle, servant Samuel Griffiths, senior Daniell Whycherly, Esqr. Martha Smith, wid. Benjamin Rogers Elizabeth, w.

New Year's Day Sunday, January 1, Normal service Monday through Friday.