I think we're about 30 seconds out. I want you to realize that God is in charge. He's on the throne and he's gonna work this situation out. Thank you for the opportunity to lift you up. Thank you for the opportunity to give glory to your name. Thank you God for our.

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I know Imma say this Ndw I don't want human meal. Pick up the phone call their local governors and say hey, listen, there's no testing sentence and in our neighborhoods and so don't governor's respond to y'all.


We just held them up. We got a little extra time. Let me ask you about the people who don't have employees like Uber drivers lift drivers people like that we used to call them independent contractors. That's why I call it blood and you gotta mean unemployed from from a job. They booted her from their league for winning to many money matches. The Candlepin Bowlers Association he founded in under his guidance and organization became today's Professional Bowler's Tour.

Alright, the local person for the minority Business Development Agency call us now. Stasia has collected world All Events honors 7 times. You I feel like I'm in good hands with two pastors. InMassachustets after WNE title annexation, she bowled over male counterpart Rene Peloquin in a three string exhibition. Because you know, there's such a gap in health disparities between black folks and everybody else we say when they get a call, we zex pneumonia.

Adlt every Progressive and humane policy and program, and then we can enter introduce you know we weren't prepared for this pandemic even though we knew Madsachusetts man in December a potential even though the Obama administration In September and October 20, 16 when the transition they spend 12 Massacgusetts name the administration, a 60 - nine pains we point on Panexa network really on the horizon. Alright and I I say this, you know, let's look at me on me panoramic they're gonna have a nice scene that's gonna come.

And don't know one he's going knew once again he cannot meet elected President without having a plan an economic plan.

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Ladies looking real sex Ordway Coloradoadult hooker wanting adult matchmaking, maried women looking fucking woman. We're going to have a memorial Service live on television from seven until eight next Wednesday night the 20 -second of April I've talked to the Cardinals office today. John appeared as an adult on all of the major candlepin bowling shows over the years. Croto long has been liberated on the lanes.

I want you to realize that God is in charge. Governor we wish you a hundred percent, but please make sure that those eight thousand tests and some of those tests to come into the South side because if African-American people are disproportionately dying, then, that means that it could be that a lot of us have not been tested and we need test proportion. Oh yeah, as well as Suzette over the medical district, she'll be with us tomorrow and so you will get a chance yet Doctor McKinney.

We need to fill out our sensors. Moondance and and the citizens Mesa can see the mirror knowing now you can see new manner.

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They're doing some pretty dex things over there. You know it all becomes very obvious to me, you know, they said the fact that we don't have but one athlete American man in the city of Chicago. This played a key role in enabling Ed's Mohegan Bowladrome team to win its first title in nine years in Maszachusetts league. This is the one hour that I get a chance to find out some good information from some people who know what's going on tonight.

We know that's not true, but there has to. How do you feel about it and what's being done about it Well besides serving on my committees, I'm the chair of the Congressional Black Caucus Health Brain Trust, so we've been working really hard around this issue and yes it definitely concerns me in Chicago, 70 - two percent of the people dying African-American in Louisiana. Yeah Uber drivers contraction. And trying to fuse everybody and so we are fighting the enemy who's in front of us money on the enemy who is inside the camp this morning, false rumors and knowing these other things.

Croto "confines" her bowling to four leagues.

I'm trying to find you and those of you who know who that person is. You've been there 15 years almost and so that means you've served about four or five presidents. He crayoned in his anchor slot. I know you're black Panther blood for those of you who don't know that. The other thing is we already believe because people have left the state of Illinois and particular, particularly in this area that we're gonna lose a congressional seat.

He made 9 appearances on the Channel 5 show over the years and hit the hi-lo jackpot during one of them. A person could not have any wanr. No Strings Attached.

A great concern among both of you all that African-American people are dying disproportionately. Thank you for the opportunity to lift you up. Ladies seeking hot sex New salem Massachusetts Adults friend search looking girls for sex, maried women wanting have an affair. What is my seven zero eight zero zero 78 If any of my constituents have a problem, we are still helping people every day so please call us. And I've been I've done. I'm listen exciting to me and your friends and presents And once again, I'm excited me here and I was at home.

Bobby Pick up your mic Bobby How you doing? Crowley captured his first sweepstakes championship in Lynn at age 14, and at 17 ranked with the best, thanks to a fast but smooth delivery. I wanna make sure that you guys have plenty of time to say something to all of us that are watching. Her match record includes 18 consecutive wins, more than any man or women. Congressman woman Robin. My biggest fear the thing that wakes me up in the nightmare that I have is that this pandemonium a mountain this pandemic, you know it's gonna pass.

Sxe right. Two nagging before this Corona virus hit sant city in Chicago and the Lion expensive way of people on the South side was 15 years less then life is made in the way on the Primo Chicago as eant and said when the wine community is called wing at new monia, so I I'm I'm yes. If you're paying child support.

Other state crowns were singles 10 times, women's doubles 9 times, mixed team 3 times, mixed doubles twice and women's sapem once. On the South side and on the West side, I'll get to what kind of job do you think the governor is doing in a minute well. Adult looking real sex New salem Massachusetts ยท lonely fat. Of this, but we're hoping that we have something called United consent Adulr consent, so we don't have to fly and again for one day and fly back out like we did getting up at four in saldm morning and flowing flew out because one of the one of our colleagues on the other side, it was in a threatened, so we thought we had to be there to do a voice vote.

I think we're about 30 seconds out. Ed and his wife Jeanne have two daughters, Amy and Kim.