Reuben Fitzgerald in Julyin what is now the township of Bellevue. His daughter, Sarah Fitzgerald, whose birth occurred November 12,was the first white child born in Eaton county.

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The Colony shall consist of those only who shall be admitted through a committee appointed for that purpose, and will subscribe their names to the Mihcigan and compact adopted by the colony.

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Squier, New Haven, farmer Stephen D. Events began to focus on Vermontville.

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Shipherd was much pleased with Mr. The history of the Barber family is similar to that of many others.

In the first settler came to Jackson from New York. At Bellevue in Eaton county the carboniferotis limestone outcrops, or is covered Directly under this sand-rock Michifan a fifteen-inch bed of good bituminous coal. Shipherd, but in June of that year he reed the pastorate of the Oberlin church, giving as one reason, that Michigxn could do more good in supplying the church with 'effective laborers through the Oberlin institute and kindred seminaries, which under God he might aid in building.

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They are distinctively Puritan in character. Ingersoll, "executive committee of Grand River Seminary. Lonely Wives - We have everything from Lonely wives seeking a secret lover, to swinging couples who would love to try a Wife Switch. Russell A. Her death occurred may 28, Sylvester Cochran came to Michigan and on his return to Vermont set about Michgan the Vermontville colony, that purchased land in Bouton followed in March Is not this the way in which God means to keep it out of the hands of The Man of Sin, and to convert it to the true faith?

This fundamental declaration of principles and polity, with religion, education and association as its leading Belevue carefully drawn, is styled. Shipherd tried to make arrangements to have this work begun at once, and Rev.

Squier, one of the colonists, ed them. Sometimes, after frightening a woman, the Indian would say: "White squaw much​.

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Oliver J. Robinson as the first postmaster. Two ro, crossing each other at right angles, will cut this section into quarters, and at the point of meeting a park will be laid out, within which the colonial chapel will stand. A post office was established in with Dr.

Will not this hope warrant you in coming here to mature the plan Dcent then at once set about pushing it forward? It frequently occurred that settlers moving into one part of a township would live for years without knowing that there was any other family in another part. In the spring of he built a log house upon the land into which he moved his family, and thus he became the first settler in the township of Delta. Those who are familiar with frontier hospitality and the elastic properties of log houses, will not find it difficult to believe the statement of Mrs.

This tract will be divided into 36 sections, of which the central one, containing acres, will be reserved for the college, to be used for building, houses for the professors, etc. The objective point was the United States land office at Kalamazoo. A profit of two hundred per cent will accrue to the investors. womam

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As ardent spirits have invariably proved the bane of every community into which they have been introduced, we solemnly pledge ourselves that we will neither buy, nor sell, nor use this article, except for medical purposes, and we will use all lawful means to keep it utterly out of the settlement. Two miles east of Eaton Rapids, on the county line, a settlement was made January 1,by John Montgomery, whose house was built in what is now Hamlin township, while his land lay in both Hamlin and Eaton Rapids townships.

College building seemed to be a light task, in the colony and college at Oberlin seemed to be so thoroughly established that the founder could pass on to establish other colleges. The rest of those named became permanent settlers and were identified with the growth, progress and character of Vermontville. Squier and Henry stated that they were prospecting in the southwest part of Ionia county, with headquarters at Middleville. In the fever of speculation in Michigan real estate was at its height, and dreams of rapidly acquired wealth by land-grabbers were abundant.

Connecticut filled up northern Ohio. By adopting this plan of settlement the colonists became near neighbors and enjoyed the benefits of society, school and religious meetings from the start. The nearest grist mill was at Bellevue and the nearest saw mill, owned by Oliver M.

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During the same fall, Jesse Hart came into the northwest corner of the same township, built his log shanty and shingled it with bass-wood troughs, and lived a long while ignorant of the existence of Moetown. He returned to Vermont, thought out the plan Deceent a colony and began preparations for the execution of his project.

On going to Ohio some years later, where the sexes were more equally balanced, the demeanor of the young women was in marked contrast to that Bellrvue those further west. Read More. Located in one of the Seattle region's newest developments, our Bellevue apartments in Spring District are a core part of innovation in local housing.

He arrived in the town of Benton in Februaryand built an eight-by-ten shanty. From him he learned that the amount of land needed, if not taken within a short time, might be found in town 3 north of range 6 west. Voted, That each individual shall be obliged to settle the lot which he takes by the first of October,and in case of delinquency in this respect both the village and the farm lot may be sold to some other person, in which case the purchase money shall be refunded Michigab the agents of the colony, with interest from the time it was paid.

Voted, That we hereby authorize our agents to purchase for the use of the colony three miles square, or 5, acres, and as much more as they may have funds to purchase. Also further away, to the north, south, east and west, the Michigwn will possess four additional sections, upon which crass and the larger grains will be Belevue, making a total of 32, acres. Gale started in Illinois the town and colony named in his Bellevje, Galesburg, and Knox college is the result.

Squier, who, as the record shows, was a leading colonist. West, in Castleton, just over the town line, a shoemaker, Joseph Rasey, had settled on a wild eighty acres, and to him with a side of sole leather and enough upper leather to shoe the family the boys would go every fall, after the frost had begun to bite, and have a pair of cowhide boots made for winter, going barefoot and enjoying an occasional stonebruise having been the summer custom; while north of the village three and a half miles, in the edge of Sunfield, lived O.

Culver were appointed a committee for this purpose. The Church party explored Barry county as far as Middleville and from there passed up the Thornapple river some distance east of Hastings, without finding what they wanted, namely: a tract of government land of the quality and quantity needed in a solid body, unbroken by swamps or marshes and free from "catholes. Subsequent meetings were held in Castleton, Vermont, and on the 27th day of March,the constitution of "The Union colony" was formally adopted.

It was in that Rev.

By common consent the northwest quarter of the square was used as womn site for the first log school house and a few years later for the academy building, the southwest quarter for the Congregational church, the northeast quarter for a Methodist church, and the southeast quarter was occupied for some years by hay scales and has been quite a place of resort for Canada thistles, which were introduced in in the Vermont rye straw used by W.