Please Please come come in in and and and sit sit sit down. We're We're Frwe We're gonna gonna gonna gonna get get get get started. Good job. The Lord be with you and also with you, let us pray direct us.

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I'm outta here.

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It's at the home inspection industries doing all judicial. Maybe is the goal already. Voted unanimously in favor of moving in that direction, so what that means is that instead of doing the full parish Hall, we're anticipating that that replacing that half and doing what we wanna do to be about a million dollars, then the second question became what to do with me. They They They have have have been. Portion down we can still use this part. But in all our words began continued and ended in you.

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So, but hpone enables all of our core ministries to go and continue and it enables us to hold on to our community ministries with the AMA groups, the Coastal Camera Club, the insight meditation yoga groups and the other groups that coming here from time to time. It don't hold me to it, but the vision is that the first first floor floor would would become become become classroom classroom.

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Contact Internet Sales Consultant. Free - In the Play Store. Vs Porn Movs. This isn't something that we're selling this is really something that we're doing as a parish family together and we're just sharing the the aduult about what we're working on together and it it really is exciting to be a part of it. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. Lewes Fcn Adult Chat.

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Support Us. I just wanna all. Uk Locals in Lewes like to set fire to heroes AND villains though I'm still not entirely sure what crimes had committed to warrant his immolation. We're raising your salary and the best tree decided that unanimously that this represented a unique opportunity and that we wanted to secure that building and have that adjacent dhat only does it add to the. We we we elect our best to represent us and I really feel that we have excellent excellent proactive proactive proactive representatives representatives representatives on on on the the the best best best Street.

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How would the Iona service continue and these concerns are chah isolated. Yeah, and I think I mean chzt of the things that's been very exciting for me is that the the vest tree has been willing to really discern the best way for him as new things come available as new opportunities come available to rethink things when people said you can't build over the labor or I don't want the bridge across the property.

Say that I think xhat need need to give big thanks that we need to give a big thanks to the Rep who's working on on our behalf with the workers he has done an LLewes job of lowering the prices of keeping things going of being on site all the time being available all the time and he really has made a huge huge difference adlut talking about Mark Shara our construction owner's Rep when the construction. The advantage of this too is that we don't have to do it.

There's been a few adupt. Able to be used also as a meeting space in the rest of the week, the offices we move upstairs. I healed it to the wisdom of the clergy yes time frame will be done is that change or that the same so I for me personally, I think the time frame is much more relaxed and attainable instead of having to pick that point to tear this whole thing down where everything goes in the hibernation for two years.

The clergy and the clergy certainly need the exercise. I are you here cover your ears.

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Yes, DJ the new formation so in the construction of the music room will be returned once construction is over it eventually will win the new edition will be done. There's a huge nest of snakes underneath oh lord. I've been in at least one parish in the past that had investors who can be described as sheep and leaders, and we definitely have leaders here at Saint Peters and I would urge all of us to take advantage of that leadership by if we have questions or concerns, you're not one of our veteran members members and and taking taking them them them taking taking taking cbat our our.

Unfortunately, we've got a stir things up in that area in order to enable the construction to take place once it's over. Passing yes, we're passing it forward to those who will come after us good so any other questions before I phhone us to a Journal. Dolly Parton's Imagination Library provides FREE books by mail for children ages birth up to 5, statewide!

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Our Internet Sales Consultants can answer them by phone or live chat. The first one was do we wanna expand our finger footprint and equal. Oh, what's the plan for making Leaes less damp downstairs? Yes, Tracy just as part of phase one when they're they're gonna be soon working outside on the market, Third Street corner and they'll be taking out trees and stuff, and we're gonna try to rescue some of those great. phoe

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We we are your guest and we're just glad that you wanna help us have a place to live cuz I had to buy it on my own. If you have any questions, please feel free to seek out any member of the best tree or me please continue to pray for the success of our open door campaign and if you haven't had a visit yet please please let us know if you'll be willing to sit down with us because we really want you to know everything about what we're doing and why we're doing what we're doing and give you a chance to ask any questions.

I wanna give you an update on where we are with the project project of of Phase Phase Phase one one one and and and phase phase phase two two. Praise that's it.

Have questions? Sunday school classrooms where Randy Burton went to Sunday school anybody else for members on the Sunday school there. I didn't I neglected to inform so the new edition will expand double this space basically cuz remember we were looking for seating for and, it will be able. You again for coming out. The next two the next two Saturday, see Tracy or Helen, and they'll be glad to talk to you.

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Remember, we were thinking we're gonna build and move a couple of graves and as we move through this process, we've had to change direction and tweak things a little bit asult in for a tweak two former best remembers came to me last month separately both of them concerned that we may be missing an opportunity they were specifically worried about how we were going to have. Yes this festering pastors who have been involved in this Fgee. Open the Yelp App.

You were there move out at the end of the month and we take ownership of it for a year, which provides us with another source of income. Copyright c sima.

Being dedicated in memory of Richard Freeman, I'm just I only have a couple of copies in this, so I'm passing and then you can pass it to your friends. So it's a.

Zingy Porn Tube. Yelp. We'll call you we're we're working our way through if you are willing to help us make visits by all means.

I mean we we heard we heard and we adjusted accordingly, the reason those two vestry members came forward is when when we we started started the Lewees the conversation conversation conversation was was was was that that that that House House House House was was was was for for for for for sale sale sale sale sale two two two two two. Okay so other questions.