My husband and I were at our favorite bookstore downtown, and we had just gotten married. As we flipped through the s, we snickered and chuckled like schoolchildren, then hd a kiss ,assage in the corner of the bookstore before we headed home, walking hand in hand. That was the first time my husband and I had ever consulted any outside material for ideas on what to do in bed, and that was 11 years ago.

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When I ypu the idea to my husband, I told him about the mystical and spiritual elements that go along with tantric sex, such as the goal of becoming one with God during sex.

The experience has opened my eyes and my body to a new level of being and I will forever be changed by the experience. I sat in awe as my guide easily and effortlessly played with my body, brushing bubbles over my breasts and cupping them gently.

I was looking forward to putting everything from the day out of my mind and focusing on my husband. We've always been happy exploring options on our own, and we never felt like we needed any help in that arena. We realized it was time to devote some extra maesage to our still mssage but understandably strained sex life, and tantric sex seemed like just the thing we needed to "bring us back" together.

My orgasm was good, but I felt more connected to my husband than ever before, which is what Tantra is all about. We just got a Tantra Massage Use this link to try it for free and I get a commission off it which.

To view it otherwise is to diminish its value. Feeling both hopeful and confident about my guide's approach to Tantra Massage, I had every expectation that I would be in good hands. From start to finish, we only lasted about an hour, even though apparently you can work up to several hours at a time, as famously noted by Sting and wife Trudie Stylerwho are Tantra experts. My husband and I were at our favorite bookstore downtown, and we had just gotten married. We give birth to, and raise our children.

I gave him a tantric massagea form of erotic massage that involves focusing on various pressure points and creating various sensations with your hands.

What Happens in a Tantric Massage Session

We just naturally connected. At this point, with little inhibition, I secretly hoped that it would soon be removed. Because I was thinking about the experience and processing it the whole time thanks, type A personality! We would not be rushed. I had relinquished control, and it was wonderful. But I felt much more empowered and connected to my husband.

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For the most part, my husband and I have a great sex life. That was the first time my husband and I had ever consulted any outside material for ideas on what to do in bed, and that was 11 years ago. After reading an awful lot about Tantra and having had an experience of being a '​body' for a friend who was learning tantric massage, I decided I wanted to. In my robe again, we moved to the massage studio, where I was invited to lie face down upon the table, resting my head on a fresh towel and firm pillow.

My entire body now writhed and quivered uncontrollably as my buttocks thrust in the air, over and over again.

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I was exhausted and invigorated all at the same time. David began stroking my body and eventually started focusing on my breasts. I suggested we start with our clothes on this time, but nestle in together close and peel off gad clothes as things heated up. My guide's hands then rubbed along my back, sides and up toward the sides of my breasts. That is our Tantra Massage experience.

Chapter 3: Tantra massage

We did not stay in the bath as long as I might have desired, as my guide was concerned not to over saturate my skin with water, lessening the pleasure of the massage to follow. I waxed my pubic and labial area, in order to more visually expose my clitoris, making it more accessible to touch.

The Experiment My husband and I decided that we would devote one week to having Tantric sex at least three times that week. How rich an experience it was to realize all that I needed was to relax and enjoy the ecstasy of this exquisite touch. So we decided to try tantric sex for a week to spice things up. Then, just as before, a towel was placed across my midsection. Prologue For most of our lives, women serve as the caretakers in our society.

My release felt endless as my guide and I came together to understand my body.

Tantric Massage

Soon, I found myself crying silently for more. “Having positive sexual energy in your life is really good for you and Tantric massage focuses on stimulating the nerves located in one's sex.

Have you had a tantra massage

I felt like I was searching his eyes for his deepest thoughts and yantra, but I couldn't figure out what he was thinking. I began this journey by looking for a partner who would help me to explore more deeply who I was, both as a woman and as a sensual spiritual being. He made a point to stay there for a while even after I was completely aroused.

I Tried Tantric Sex For A Week

My guide took my robe from me, glancing away in kassage of respect for my privacy, as I stepped into bath. Including my swollen clitoris, which now presented itself for attention.

Amazingly, at that moment, I did not hesitate or feel reluctant for all of my body to be explored. The Massage Beginning at my shoulders, my guide applied lavish quantities of oil upon my body. It wasn't in a way that felt demeaning to me, but in a way that allowed me to focus on admiring his body and realize how grateful I was for him in my life. But now that we have a baby, things have become less passionate in the bedroom. This is the story of my first experience with Tantra.