Final 'Friends' episode end of era FindLaw -- As the sun sets this week on "Friends," NBC's long-running hit sitcom, the writers, producers and network remain embroiled in litigation. The case of Lyle v. Warner Brothers Television Productions has just been sent back to the lower court. At trial, a judge and jury will determine whether the writers' crude sexual remarks sec gestures created a hostile environment for a female assistant.

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No other sex tube is more popular and features more Girls Looking Sex Lyle The babysitter ass was looking real good, I dumped a hot load of cum in her. Or, in some cases, a single female writer may be hired, but only as a token, to provide a "female" perspective, to write for the female characters, or to write for "female" shows like "Murphy Brown" or "Deing Women.

The idea is that it's part of their writing work to talk about sex. Of course, it's hard to see stars with huge paychecks as victims. Applying a more lenient standard for sexual harassment to comedy writers could well mean that women will continue to feel out of place lookig the environment.

Some of her allegations? This more accurate rewriting reveals the problem: Does the ability of some women to endure harassment as a cost of working, mean other women cannot sue? The relevance of context in evaluating claims This argument raises an important question: What does context mean, when it comes to sexual harassment claims? But the consideration of "context" has always been permissible in determining the existence of a hostile environment.

When women are a large part of the discussion and free to speak their minds -- not grossly outed, or simply taking down male writers' slurs as Lyle was -- the context may be very different. Here, the argument is that context actually required sex talk, not simply that it was commonplace. To do this, they needed to have "frank sexual discussions and tell colorful jokes and stories and even make expressive gestures as part of the creative process.

On the whole, it's hard to imagine the "necessity" of writers' having detailed conversations about anal sex; talking about which of the "Friends" actresses might have sex with them; or listing the anatomical shapes they find most appealing personally. The court opined that in "the real world of construction work, profanity and vulgarity are not perceived as hostile or abusive. Work environments have to be transformed, in some cases, to accommodate gender integration.

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If the "creative necessity" defense is too broad, such a suit may be unsuccessful despite the reality of the discrimination it would seek to address and correct. But in the "Friends" lookimg, the defendants say they were actually "required" to have sexually explicit conversations in order to generate story ideas for the show. So, for example, an employer might be able to use a fitness test that disproportionately eliminates female applicants, if it can show that the skill being tested is necessary for the job?

That said have a nice day.

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First, what has the Supreme Court said about "context"? Inevitably, there will someday be a high-profile suit sex discrimination or sexual harassment suit by a talented female comedy writer who is not hired -- or mistreated, or fired -- that will send shock waves through Llooking, and potentially lead to a large verdict.

In contrast, sex talk plays no part in the actual work of construction: One need not tell a dirty joke to hoist a beam. But giving them carte blanche to say, draw, and do anything -- no matter how offensive or degrading to women -- runs the risk of creating an environment in which, potentially, no woman would want to work. So he won't be looking here. Persistent occupational segregation by gender continues to be the greatest source of inequality for working women.

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Note from Ed. For example, Justice Scalia noted in his majority opinion, context is what differentiates a coach's slapping a football player on the behind after a game, from his doing the same thing to his secretary back at the office. Traditionally male work environments cannot be exempted from contemporary standards of equality -- indeed, these are rael very environments in which such standards must be most rigorously enforced.

Is 'creative necessity' a defense? lookihg

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Another theme of the alleged comments was the personal sexual preferences and experiences of the writers, emphasizing anal sex, oral sex, big breasts, young girls and cheerleaders. Fortunately, other circuits have rejected the 10th Circuit's so-called "blue collar" exception and applied the same standards regardless of the workplace context. Certain, this kind of defense is not well established. Story Tools.

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Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit, for example, held in in Gross v. Here, the writers -- and the lawyers who presumably prepped them -- seem to be suggesting that in the creative context, anything goes. Defendants: Justified by 'creative necessity' The defendants admitted that many of Lyle's allegations lookingg true. Osceola Refining Co. Being a fast typist was her main qualification for the job. Women want sex Lyle Washington, senior swingers wants senior dating site, adult A Sweet Sincere Girl bes looking pussy Beautiful couple searching real sex.

Put more formally, it's plain that permitting environments that have traditionally been dominated by men, and hostile to loo,ing, to remain so utterly loiking the goals of anti-discrimination law -- which is to make that very kind of environment less hostile to women, or ideally, equally welcoming of women and men. After being fired, Lyle sued in California state court, bringing claims under California's anti-discrimination law.

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