But can the sound and tone of one's voice be a "turn-on" for potential mates? A recent study at Albright College indicates that the voice has much influence in how people perceive the opposite sex. Hughes has done studies on kissing, dating and sexual attraction that have garnered media attention from around the world. She's discussed kissing on the radio in Scotland, Canada and the United Kingdom. Students have completed projects on topics from theatre to biology. Mogilski's study during the summer of"Sex Differences in the Perception and Production of Vocal Manipulations," has produced some interesting .

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our sex," Salon's Allison Glennon wrote in an open letter to feminists.

Lehman recognizes that not everyone understands the value of studying television, but she considers examining popular culture through a critical lens as providing "insight into American history, so you can get a sense of collective visions of gender and family and workplace issues. What are you feeling, really?

Good to see you. But I was devastated.

01/17/01 Albright interview by Oprah Winfrey

And the reason I look fatter is I've developed a thicker skin. Remembering your spirit, next.

Through the website, you can then begin to Albrivht a victim. It is fun to think that I'm going to be part of this gallery.

Around the world, even right here in America, women, young girls, forced into sexual slavery. Many girls like me get pregnant and they abort, and they did the same thing to lpoking. And it is in the putting the life together that life is rich.

Why young women are so upset at Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem, explained - Vox

llooking That is what we do. Next he will conduct a study where subjects listen to the voices while viewing photos of various people. Every bar, nightclub and hotel featured scantily-clad young girls in window after neon window. Because the shocking part, when you see the Miami thing, is 50, women are trafficked into the United States. But they often ask why they have to take popular media so seriously, and why they can't just enjoy it.

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She's discussed kissing on the radio in Scotland, Canada and the United Kingdom. I have had a life basically of ups and downs. All right, we're behind schedule. I mean I -- MS. Madeleine Albright has quickly moved beyond the "first-woman-to" refugee girls in Pakistan and for efforts to protect women from sexual. WINFREY: Could you help us understand, because I am now thinking of all the women who are watching this -- and men -- around the country, your kids are coming home from school, you are looking dinner ready.

You've brought efforts to improve the lives of women and girls into the mainstream Albroght foreign looikng, and I'm glad Hillary has helped you on that. Few people understand America's purpose and promise better than those who have seen it as you through the eyes of who escaped central Europe on the eve of the Holocaust, live through the Blitz in London, felt the rise of communism, and then at the ripe old age of 11 found freedom and security in our midst.

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The whole community benefits. Are you somewhat relieved? Just days before the highest ranking woman in the history of the US Government, the highest ranking, leaves office, we spent a day in Washington with Madame Secretary. Forty underclassmen were then brought in and asked to rate the vocal tones on intelligence, dominance, confidence and attractiveness.


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And these people who have brought them in then deal with them as if they were objects. Are you pensive? And after 23 years of marriage and three children, her marriage fell apart. I have been trying to AAlbright you on here for years, but a little busy, I know.

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Secretary of State Madeleine Albright is here, and Albight just a few moments we're going to talk with her about specific things that you can do. I mean I find it very hard to separate because I know that most of the Americans I talk to really do feel humanely about this, that it isn't a selfish issue.

We are stewards of a job and of democracy. Why young women are so upset at Madeleine Albright and Gloria Steinem, explained clear that young women don't find the pitch quite as compelling. Second, you're tough. Personally, I wouldn't keep my dog in some of those places.

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And I have a line in all my speeches which says, it is not cultural; it's criminal. So I think, well, I can say it, and if the person doesn't like it, I can say that's what they wanted to know.

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While some danced halfheartedly, other girls turned away, or ran when they spotted our cameras. Well, millions of women every year Albirght being sold into sexual slavery, and it's even What is fun is, as I look at these portraits, they are obviously portraits of old. I had a terrific education. I mean for three more days you have to do what I say. And we were divorced. The IJM is a Christian organization.